Thursday, July 15, 2004

Strange Attractors - An Animation Showcase

I got this one also from Christy Dena, and I think it is very inspiring stuff! Learn how the animators animate

Strange Attractors - An Animation Showcase

Why do we all watch football when half of us not really like it?

We have just had the EK Football with its surprising winner Greece. Surely a good Greek Sportsummer this year as it has only just started.
But the fenomenon I wanted to write about is the amazing habit of a whole nation watching football, wearing orange clothes, driving cars that have lions tales hanging out on the back on to the street.. at least that is common in Holland.. when only half of the people really like football. Even people disliking football will be watching..
Why do we do that? I think that media consumption is getting more and more fragmented and we liked that. To have our own communities of interest, our own very special sites. But at the same time there is an emerging need for something to bind us to our neighbours, the parents we meet at school, the colleagues from that far away other department. We want something to talk about, some common ground. Football is such common ground, the orange clothes tell us we all belong together as we support "our" team. I see this need getting stronger. The rapid changes in the recent world order. The treaths of terrorism, the growth of religion fundamentalists (and I mean christian as well as islamic) made the world a less safe place. We want to be safe, it is a very basic need (remember Maslow, the second level of needs). We want to feel bound to a save group. We look for togetherness in something that transcends the difficult religious or political discussion. And football as many other sports is able to just do that. A crossmedia approach would be to underpin this feeling, to establish more common ground. To accentuate the feeling you belong to that group, where you will be safe.
Crossmedia should not be focussed on accentuating individual differences, but group coherence and alikeness.

Henry Jenkins

Christy got me on track with someone who off course is of great importance to studying crossmedia communication. You cannot miss out on this one. I would like to meet him one day..
Henry Jenkins

Star of Dena

I just "met" Christy on the internet and I think she is doing some very interesting work. I feel there is parallel thinking going on here. Please take a look at her blog!
Star of Dena

meet sonja another crossmedia missionary

I met Sonja on the Mgain conference in March in Manchester this year
where she invited me to speak on crossmedia at the conference.

This link will tell you more of VTT in Finland and their crossmedia research

IST-2001-38846 mGain

The website of Mgain where you can find information on the
conference and speakers from the telecommunications industry,
gaming industry and the moguls as Microsoft and BT. I was
there to discuss about crossmedia and I met some interesting
IST-2001-38846 mGain

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Will you find me?

As I just started this crossmedia blog, one of the first things that came to my mind was, can people interested in this subject find me. So I am stepping into the subject of rss and feed burning. I will let you know how I see this influencing our ability to cross communicate with each other. So I can better make you find me if you want to know everything there is to know about crossmedia communication, which I plan to offer to you.

crossmedia communication

For starters I would like to give you all my definition of crossmedia communication:

Crossmedia communication is communication where the storyline will direct the receiver from one medium to the next. This makes it possible to transform from one-dimensional communication (sender -> receiver) to multi-dimensional communication (senders <-> receivers. Furthermore I believe that good crossmedia communication will enhance the value of communication in two ways:

1. Financial profits through equal or decreasing costs for the same communication effects with single medium communication. It is possible to shift costs for communicating from the sender to the receiver, if the story is attractive enough for the receiver to want to interact with it (at extra cost)

2. The level and depth of involvement will be more personal and therefore more relevant and powerful.