Monday, May 22, 2006

Talpa starts with streams and chat in MSN

Finally we hear something of a crossmedia experiment coming from Talpa.
So far now all Talpa has done is follow the developments and copy the successes, like 'programma gemist' as a copy of 'uitzending gemist' a pubcasters's initiative. There is nothing wrong with copying good ideas. Better a good copy then a bad idea. But as De Mol suggested a year ago when he launched the Talpa channel, that the medialandscape will 'change more in five years then in 25 before (or something like that..)' I agreed fully and was anxious to see what would be his initiatives in this respect. So far Talpa has played it safe by following the lead of others. I found that dissapointing, because.. now we had one person with a view on the future that could make a change because he has the means to experiment and he can suffer some loss there to get some win. He could speed up initiatives, making use of the fact there is not a lot of negotiating necessary to start a project. This could give him a big advantage in the market place. He could differentiate at a high speed, with projects failing in total, some in part en some successes. Instead all we saw whas more of the same. Not strong strategically.
Now this initiative starting from june 1 I find interesting, because it will tell you more about how people will act sharing at televison program while being at another place. With MSN you can simultanuously with your buddies watch the same stream of a program and chat about the programme will doing that. This gives Talpa a very interesting insite into what the viewer is experiencing while watching their programs. Good material to rethink what the viewers are negative about and to see what is succesfull to further build on. That is listening to your public and deciding what is relevant to them. Two of the key drivers of crossmedia communication in my perception. The article is in Dutch..

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

changing newsparadigm around the world

Take a look at the we media conference currently held in London:

Happening now and probably it will be accessible afterwards too.