Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Co-creating games

David Perry starts a new project where he will -from the start- co-create a new game. Co-creation of new levels and characters is already much usance in the game environment. What makes this project special is the co-creation act of building the game from scratch. Currently 20.000 'amateur" builders have signed up to the project. Goal is to have 100.000 co-creators involved. Perry is setting up the project with gamebuilder Acclaim. It should be a platform where 'wannabe' builders can show off their skills to headhunters that will be online to check best talents. Alike a pop idol for the games industry.. Making use of the collective intelligence, crowd sourcing and creativity of the crowds I like the set-up of the project (codenamed top secret... ) and am curious if the collective is able to eventually make a better product.

Wanna co-create in this project and become the next Game-Idol?

(source: Emerce)