Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Tribler 4.0 ... try it

A bit late reporting about the introduction of Tribler 4.0 last week in Cristofori Amsterdam. A year after first introducing tribler, a peer 2 peer open source platform service for television that is being developed at the technical university in Delft a lot has happened. Leiden neighbour Joost was introduced and they have secured a lot of important deals with big networks and content suppliers. There is one important difference between Joost and other commercial p2p teams and tribler, namely that Tribler is an open source environment. Tribler 4 has been enriched with some very nice social tools as well, the interface has improved a lot as well as the technology itself. Not so much noise around Tribler, but if I learned one thing in the last 7 years then it is that having an 'open' architecture is very very important. Just take a look at it, download, try and see