Monday, October 09, 2006

crossmediaweek,, a late reflection

A little late, but here are my impressions from the crossmedia week in Amsterdam.
I will quote some of the interesting phrases I heard:

- World creation with ecosystem of organical growth of emergent stories
- mash ups; quick presentation, comments, points of views (tools machinima and quick storyboarding)
- Atlas of codecs that guide through events
- Crossmedia development is a profound moment in the evolution of media - existential happening - it is about US and our creativity (Gary Carter Fremantle FX; excellent relevant presentation!)
- meaningful relationships, beloning connection, protection, trust, intentioned attention, from ease of use to improving quality of life; protect, filter and support (Linda Stone; the most profound speaker at the whole event.. that I got to see)
- real meaning is in the use, affiliated spending on- and offline, more dependent on the web, battle is threefold, for attention, the home and the pocket, new interactive layers to navigate unlimited choice, having control and making smart use of it, media is technology in disguise and the best disguise makes it most usable, profound change occurs after shifts in time-spending and money spending, transformative power of the brand, engagement versus interruption (John de Mol, an invitation to the advertiser to join in the movement)