Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Pre- MIPCOM movements in Dutch Market

Eyeworks takes over Swedisch TV Producer
Nova TV is the production company of NovaMedia, part of Bingo Lotto the biggest charity lottery company in Sweden. Nova media is also responsible for the National Postcode Lotterij, Sponsor Loterij and Bank Giro Loterij in the Netherlands. Nova Media is producing succesfull shows as One against Hundred and Deal or No Deal. At Endemol, producer of these formats, the take-over will not be regarded as much fun! But Telefonica has not made means available when they first started the sale of the company and asked Endemol to buy first. For now Eyeworks is only to produce the swedisch television programms, but inevitably the ties between Novamedia and Eyeworks are getting closer. Eyeworks is working hard on the international growthstrategy of the company. Being close to Novamedia is not so bad for business then.

More and more it seems like Endemol is losing the race in its own territory, the Dutch market. A lot of it is caused by arrogance at being the biggest, the best in the last five to ten years (and boy where they annoying!). Endemol had the attitude it could do everything they wanted. But in this market it is not how big your name is, it is not how much money you have been bougth for that makes you a market leader in the long run. It is passion that drives this industry. Passion and talent. These very volatile 'assets' are upmost important and as the Endemol case shows very hard to secure. With the market speeding up, creating even more possibilities through crossmedia business models, you are definitely only as big as the passion and talent that your are able to enclose in your company for every moment. It is all.. and I mean all about PEOPLE.
My experience is that there are a lots of people who want to work in this industry. The glitter and glamour still seems to appeal to lots of them. But there are only few that are talented enough to see beyond the boundaries of the present ideas and possibilities, to create new beautifull things.

Eyeworks is putting most of its creative talent in the deal making right now or so it seems. I have not seen many new interesting formats lately. Let's just wait and see what they will come up with next.