Sunday, January 09, 2005

tsunami shows further influence civilians on newsdelivery

The first images we received of the tsunami came from 'amateurs'. Because of the digitalisation of amateur devices, material can stream all over the world in an instance. Many people have been touched and moved by this gigantic disaster and it may very well be because of the nature of the images we have first seen. An innocent holiday movie, kids playing in the sand, don't we all recognize this from our private collections, followed by the devastating amazement of this enormous wall of water coming towards the shores. People where just filming this without really realising what was happening. It is like a thriller or horror. When we watch there innocent images we know what disaster is about to happen and the innocent view of the filmer is what strikes us most. Don't your kids and run. Because there are camera's everywhere now we can see in detail how horrible this disaster really was. We see children washed away in an instance, seconds before they gasp at the wall of water, curious as they are of what is happening before there eyes. Personally this is what grieves me the most, the loss of innocent children who never had the strengths to hold this kind of force of nature. Nature is stunningly beautiful and cruel at the same time, that is what we see with these paradises lost.
I hope we still remember when the time comes for these people to recover and build up their homes again.