Monday, July 04, 2005

NPS "leaving" may also open doors to new crossmedia initiatives..

After first being startled by the decision of Van der Laan to ban the NPS from a budget I have to reconsider. At first I feared real investigative journalism to disappear. But that need not be true, because when this may disappear there will inevitably be people picking up the glove. As I propagated myself so many times, we are moving toward an environment where people will be in greater control over the information they want to consume. They will be more active in looking for that even up to really (co-)creating content. The best investigative journalism already these days, originates from the amateur reporters on blogs, just happening to be right on top of the subject. So drawing that line a little further, say three years from now when the plans of Van der Laan are to be effective, the landscape will probably have changed so much already that the minor voice will have found there new homes in the niche channels by then.