Monday, January 02, 2006

NSE, last attempts..

NSE the news sport and entertainment show on newcomer Talpa is currently still in heavy weather. A newsprogram always needs more time to grow, the same applies here.

NSE has to question itself.., What is my true added value to the newsparadigm that is already offered? And that is not in the form of your newspresentation it is in the news itself. What is the point of view? Are you going to kick ass, well go out and kick some real ass! Are you going to tell the true story of people, well go out and paint me the portraits. I want to see interesting people that are touched or part of the news, it may take a 6 minute portrait a day.. I want to see politicians, the guys and girls in charge confronted at their spot, not with a sneering remark in the studio. Play it straight, put it in their faces and tape their reactions. Be the rebel on the court, instead of playing the role. Don't make it easy on yourselves.. Go all the way, time is almost up..