Friday, February 17, 2006

personal observation about blogging

When you get busier and busier, you try to keep on blogging, but deadlines of projects seem to be more pressing all the time. And in the blogosphere not publishing in a week is a certain dead. So I am definitely dead by now. If anyone may read this (by coincidence) I only want to bother you with interesting stuff (not like this then) and I have a lot to tell, but need some time to reflect on it and tell you about it. But as a promo to keep in touch, here's what will be coming up:
- making measures to count audiences to CAN {Captive Audience Network} ; narrowcasting; Digital Out of Home etc (you know the screens everywhere) , so that viable business models can be built. Yes it can be done, will be done and I will tell you more about it.
- What will happen to the broadcast model when TV becomes a free asset? Yes, we are talking P-2-P television and the regression of the total value chain. Relevant? I think so. Interesting.. you decide.

See your next time, after my reanimation


Theo Meereboer said...

Monique, een fijne observatie. Hoe meer je doet, hoe meer je te vertellen hebt en hoe minder tijd je daarvoor hebt. Anders gezegd: je bent ofwel bezig om je verhaal te vertellen, ofwel je helpt anderen daarbij.
Ik blijf nieuwsgierig naar de ontwikkelingen met P2P televisie. Dus vertel het svp op dit weblog zodra je kan.

Daphne Dijkerman said...

Gelukkig ben je nog wel gereanimeerd ;-)