Monday, April 24, 2006

social currency

I have been thinking about this concept that popped up in my mind a couple of months ago, during my work with the p2p tribler project group: "social currency" it has to do with getting the value out of the ever growing folksonomy that is being created by us all.

A good visionary blog on this is:

As massmedia are deteriorating in there strength, how to grasp what is going on?
The internet is a wonderfully logged place. Logs are being tagged and connected to other people;places.. But what are the connections and more importantly what do these connections between people mean?

An opinionleader in one field creates social currency when he/she exhibites knowledge or tips. At the same time the opinionleader will be a follower in a completely different field. What is the value of his knowlegde node network. In other words what is his social currency?
And can you trade social currency? One currency for another? What is the value base?