Monday, July 03, 2006

Cross media week in Amsterdam not balanced for niche thinkers

A good line up of speakers for the Amsterdam Cross Media week. But.. only large industry players. I miss the balance of innovative and creative thinkers from the scientific fields and arts. It looks like media republic was dominant in creating the programme.

As time goes by, I am getting reactions from accredited thinkers and (artistic) workers in the cross media field that they have not been contacted or invited to join the debate. I will certainly visit the week, but I will certainly miss these thinkers to feed a good debate. Sharing insights is one of the prerequisites of crossmedia. multiple points of view... Besides if I look at the list of speakers I can certainly see a bias in favour of the organisers, that have created a nice image-boosting platform to embed their own messages in at cost of the Amsterdam community that sponsors with... 500.000 Euro. Where a big mouth will take you..