Wednesday, September 27, 2006

start crossmediaweek in Amsterdam

Today the crossmediaweek in Amsterdam started its programme. The entourage is great. The programme today was.. sufficient. No really exciting things.. yet. An interesting debate at the crossmedia cafe about the value of a crossmedia idea versus person operationalising the idea. Value is offcourse idea AND person (better still Frackers claimed ideas are not so important, it is what you make of it. I agree completely. When he invests he looks at the person and later maybe at the idea. As an ideabroker I can only say that this feeling is mutual. For I am not interested in money per se, it is only a means to get to a goal. It is who you make the journey with the team you build, the one giving you money to grow is part of the means, part of the team. If you do not know where you put your coins, stay out of the game.., this is a lesson we learned from the internetbubble. Finding intelligent money is difficult (in my opinion). What good is money if they pull the plug two months too early, or keep pumping it into idle ideas, pulling down total revenue of a portfolio?