Tuesday, December 05, 2006

2007... Breakthrough of new crossmedia formats?

Will the new year to come finally set movement in the market to develop new crossmedia formats? Are we able to convince that the risk-benefit balance of crossmedia communication is turning positive? I plan to put much energy in there. For a long time I have not blogged regularly. Reason is the set-up of a business to measure reach on any floor, but it is especially interesting on the shopping floor. Do you want to know how much visitors reached which assortment AND what is the effect on sales? How long where they standing there? Is this time spent value made up by the margin on the sales floor? Do you want to pump up your floor productivity. I have developed the tool to let the productivity and profits in shops grow... continuously!

What is the connection of this tool with crossmedia communication?
Have you ever wondered what the effects of your above the line communication are on the below the line shopping floor? You know that place where the FINAL DECISION is made?
Compared results in other media channels to results in the final media channel, the shopping floor, on a continuous basis? Probably not, because you did not have the means to do so. Well, now that problem is solved. Yes this is a sales pitch. I rarely gave one on my weblog. There must be a reason I do now. ;-) I will tell you what is the reason, this tool will really help to clarify a lot of questions on media effects in a rapidly changing media environment. Don't we need that now, to measure the effects of crossmedia initiatives? What is the risk-benefit? Retail Treks (name of this tool) will help to answer one of the most important questions in the sequence.. what is the effect in store?