Sunday, February 06, 2005

Dutch market WRR report focus on fast changing media landscape

It is to be expected, Dutch public broadcasters are not very happy with the latest report of the Scientific Counsel for the Dutch Government (WRR). You will find the report on this link,
it is in Dutch and probably most relevant if you are interested in the (small) Dutch market. This report takes into account future developments of the medialandscape in an Undutch good informed manner. Changes are occuring very fast around us and I many times feel on an island when I talk to Dutch programmakers about crossmedia. They do not have a informed view on developments, at least that is what I encounter a lot. When I ask them what they think of things happening in other markets, such as the UK they don't have a good informed answer on that.
They definitely do not have an open minded attitude about talking on these changes, I think that is a sign of being scared because you know things are going to change and you will have to leave your safe spot, but you have no IDEA as to what you can expect. This WRR report however very clearly takes into account the fargoing transformation of the media landscape in the very near future. It may be clear as to where I stand here.