Sunday, March 06, 2005

The Dutch international position in television business

In Broadcast Magazine (a Dutch professional magazine on the television industry) Medy van der Laan, state secretary responsible for media policy in Holland, has commented on the WRR report (see my earlier report on WRR in this log). She finds it refreshing and in sink with future media developments. That is hopefull news, because the WRR report clearly sees things changing and does not want to obstruct developments in the Dutch market by the political play of public broadcast officials. Traditionally these officials of Dutch Public Broadcasting Channels have had a large say in developments and traditionally this had only been used to support their own expensively paid positions. Coming from a small country the Dutch have had a disproportional large influence on the international television market. Mainly due to innovative producers operating in the free market. In order to keep this position the market conditions must not be obstructive. Van der Laan does not want to comment elaborately on her plans, she wants to work on them in relative "silence". But it is clear from this interview that the effects of crossmedia communication and new possibilities emerging does have her attention and she seems much more aware of the fast changing media landscape, then Public Broadcast Officials.