Tuesday, March 15, 2005

share ideas..before they are claimed!!

I would like to share a couple of my crossmedia ideas, before somebody else is going to claim they where theirs. A skimming around the market is likely to be made at the moment. Trust is not my middle name, okay ;-) Been too long in this business, to know better. And if I tell, which I did, then to everyone. So here they are.
- Spindoctors; an intriguing show with reality, misbelief and cheating
- Find music talent show; low budget, high impact
- crossmedia detective, one step further then 24.
- the spiritual challenge, can you face it?

I know I cannot claim, with these short quotations. But I really hate this poor action of skimming the market, if that is the case, but like I told, trust is not my middle name. These first impressions do not tell half of the marvellous groundbreaking format that is behind at least two of these ideas mentioned. If you would like to know the whole story, contact me: info@dondersteen.nl (under NDA)