Sunday, May 29, 2005

NEW dutch station TEN goes for (golden) OLDies

The profile of TIEN (ten) the new Dutch television station that John de Mol is launching the next season in the Netherlands is slowly becoming clear. What strikes most is the use of old (proven) Endemol formats like Big Brother, The Soundmix Show and Deal or No Deal and not Endemol but with a long history Robinson Island. With the announcement of his enterprise in september 2004 de Mol was generating publicity with his idea of giving the Netherlands a real convergence model not seen before... Well- off course we must wait and see.. but I don't see it yet. I see what I have seen so many times before. A focus on old-thinking television with some quick and dirty add-ons like SMS-TV and talks about programms at the Talpa owned radiostation 538 and sister station Noordzee FM. Sure it will work, but it could have been so much prettier. How can you start up a media "imperium" now and take it from a yesterday starting point?