Monday, June 06, 2005

Community as building blocks for communication

Ah live as a communication manager isn't what it used to be, hey! Neatly dividing your target groups in the 20-49 yrs groups does not seem to work effectively anymore. New channels like the internet and telephone are interfering in the picture and what to do with them? And what about these new means like digital channels or iptv? Can I reach my audience through these means? How to target then? Will they still see/hear/notice me?

There are two important keywords to remember:
1. community
2. conversations
It is all going to be about having conversations with the right community to build:
a. interest
b. believability
c. trust
And finally ..connect with your target group. Ever wondered, which communities you are part of? If your really think about that I am sure you will conclude that through the use of the internet you have become part of many more communities then before. All little villages in the global network society. Besides the family, regional and working community that you are already a part of before. These new participations in communities will have probably come naturally to you. Logical because there where mutual interests being served by joining the community so obviously you joined! And you decide how much time and effort to invest in them. This all depends on relevance, timeliness and functionality of the communities to you. People are all members of a mass and many niche communities. The art is to use this knowledge to your advantage and let the communities work with you. Listen, look and see what is happening with your customers. Instead of dictate, tell and sell to them.