Friday, June 03, 2005

Crossmedia is the buzz, but where is the money?

The buzz is about crossmedia and that should be good news, right? But, what do I hear.. advertisers are looking hard for new ways to communicate with target groups that change media consumption behaviour dramatically. But they don't know where to turn!
Well, not to your usual advertising agency, that's for sure.
Not to your broadcaster to arrange for a sponsored programme. They just want you to pay for your spots and let them do the buying of cheap re-runs in a package deal. That is their business model (for just a very little while more)
Not to a big producer to ask for a programme. Because they only know how television works and haven't got a clue about your business or marketing communication issues.

Advertisers know because they have tried this again and again. And now they don't know anymore, because there is no "well-established" company to help them solve this problem. You need to see that you cannot find new ideas with people dependable of you paying them for their old ideas. I am not going to eat my own shoe, right! First, you are not going to find an established company in this field, because it is pioneers' ground. And secondly it is huge impact pioneering ground. Simply because the public is ready for it, now all you have to do is get up to their speed. So, you need to get out there and look for the pretty little jewels laying around

(by the way I do consider my company to be one of those precious gems)

Just do it and you will find it is going to work out just really wonderfull!


Eelco Romeijn said...

Hi Monique,

I really like your view on the crossmedia market and hope that many smart companies will find their way to your doorstep.
Stay with your enthousiastic evangalist role!

Eelco Romeijn.
(streaming media producer)