Monday, October 03, 2005

Inspiring crossmedia students at HvA

Today I had a very inspiring afternoon with students of the Hogeschool van Amsterdam talking about crossmedia. These guys and girls already get it, but they are just not so aware of that. They ARE the new generation of crossmedia project makers and here is where you will find the new talents of the future. Talking about crossmedia they may not be summing up definitions or theory, they can clearly imagine how they will use media in the future and understand the implications of that immediately. We discussed the concept of Google TV, will this be the next model. Well yes and no, it will be a mix of googeling for the information you want AND letting yourself be entertained. Hope I will get the chance to discuss some more aspects, because I like to see this new emerging talent come to bloom!


Indira said...

Hey Monique,

Take a look at this blog, I proudly present my new media students (Art Faculty Utrecht) thinking about crossmedia formats. You can see their own project-blog at the link-area.

I'm sorry for those who don't understand dutch.

indira said...