Thursday, August 17, 2006

Avatar socks...

Yesterday I read a very amusing report about the growing trend of people to turn socks into favorite friends. De Telegraaf reports this to be a worldwide trend.. With this character, designed by yourself you express yourself and have an ever caring friend with you all the time.
I started wondering which of my socks would have a chance of becoming my caring friend. My socks are actually quit boring, most of the time. But sometimes I hide Disney characters in my boots. One of my favourites is Thinkerbell, naughty emotional little bitch. Kind of fits to (the dark side..) of my otherwise "lovely" character. Furthermore I found the idea of actualising an avatar for IRL funny. Is it because we are getting more used to building avatars in virtual worlds? Is it a transcending of virtual habits back into everyday life? When Thinkerbell transforms to be my favorite avatar sock friend I will upload a lovely picture of her.. promissed ;-)