Friday, August 11, 2006

Digital Media Space "share of voice"; blackberry TV, sony and channel 4 VOD

Slowly but certainly the race for 'share of voice' in digital media space is heating up.

CanWest launches Blackberry TV: Global TV parent CanWest MediaWorks is launching bbTV, the first advertising-fuelled Canadian market effort designed to deliver video content to users of BlackBerry handheld devices

Sony preps new AXN channels for Europe: Sony is poised to roll out a string of new channels across Europe under its AXN action banner, with Germany, Switzerland and Austria all on the agenda and an animé network for the UK.

Channel 4's VoD plans go beyond TV : UK terrestrial Channel 4 is planning to launch on-demand services that go far beyond television in its continuing quest to gain a "disproportionate share of voice" in the digital media space.