Monday, August 15, 2005

Italian crossmedia modelling: proiettiliperscrittori

This is very interesting. An italian scolar that is trying to model crossmedia. His latest notions are of a supportive/proactive model and competitive/defense model (don't know exactly what he means and planning to ask him later today) Another notion is to use the latest theories on the shaper of the universe. Don't really get it yet, but it is definitely triggering insights. Take a look.


Max Giovagnoli said...

Dear M.,
as I answered you in my blog, I'll be happy to get you all the infos you need about my studies and my activity of teaching at the university in Rome. But, fist of all, I agree with your tag about skin and stories. In the novel I published last months, for example, I matched four stories in this exact direction...
Hope to hear you soon,
Max Giovagnoli