Monday, August 22, 2005

Let's work with kids!

I wondered what sonja kangas was doing in Finland, so I decided to ask. This is one of the interesting projects she is involved in. It's about crossmedia for kids and it is this week. So you have to hurry to attend the workshop! (I am afraid I will not be able to be there, but comments on the workshop of attendees are very welcome! )


Christy said...

Hello Monique!

Where is Sonja's project, do you have a website?

SonjaK said...

Let's work with kids was one of the most inspiring workshop I have attended for ages! A group of televisio & radio experts around Europe (+Japan) gathered to Växjö, Sweden to discuss about novel cross media concepts for children. Finally something really interesting is happening in the cross media (tv) scene!

My (Sonja´s) latest project is about physical gaming. We look for new concepts that combine multiplatform, multimedia experience with physical activity. Besides cross media (contentual) and cross-platform (technical) development we also search for cross genre activities combining entertainment or games with wellness, advertising, information etc. This is some what related to the "serious games" trend...