Monday, December 12, 2005

Crossmedia about the pearls and the pigs..

In the Netherlands more and more people are opting for being crossmedia specialists. Allas this is devaluating the term, because some are rightfully claiming, but a lot are not.
In the Netherlands there are only a handfull of people really knowledgeable in this converging field because they have been working on it for many years. It does not mean if you are making nice websites to a television programm you are a crossmedia specialist as many seem to think so. But that is just my opinion.

Just a short list of jewels you should look at:


Christy said...

So true Monique. I'm amazed that people still have events and conferences called 'Convergence' when the term is so not about coss-media production by interoperability. Gary Hayes and I are working on a Beginner's Guide to Cross-Media Terms. It is in it's infancy (time an issue) but please feel free to add to it.

Monique de Haas said...

Hi Christy, very good to 'see you again" I will definitely look at the beginner's guide and see what I can ad