Sunday, December 04, 2005

Now experiencing the camera's in front...

My role in broadcast and video production has always been on the backside of the production. There are two kinds of people in television production, the ones wanting to be in front of a camera and the ones from the "back". I am definitely a 'backsider'. But on 1 december I was invited to try it from the other side. Studio A asked me to moderate there debate on crossmedia that was streamed live on the internet and.. here's the fun part you can still see it at their website on Because of the subject.. crossmedia I felt confident to do that. Offcourse the discussion is in Dutch. It's nice to look at if you want to have an introduction to webcasting and are able to understand the Dutch language offcourse. Studio A has built a webcast studio in their office in the Hague. You just walk in, and make and simultateously stream your statement on the internet live. This makes using webcast very easy. A very sound idea