Sunday, December 04, 2005

Fare crossmedia. Max Giovagnolli

Max Giovagnoli has published his book on crossmedia communication and was so very kind as to send it to me, as he has quoted me a couple of times in his book. I am very honoured by that and it is quite fun to see your own words in italian. A language unfortunately I don't understand. I am very much looking forward for the english version, because it looks so very interesting from what I can understand about it. If you are able to read italian, don't wait any longer and get this book: "Fare crossmedia: Dal Grande Fratello (Big Brother) a Star Wars Teoria e technice della communicazione integrata e distribuita nei media"; Dino Audione Editore; via di Monte Brianzo, 91; 00186 Roma; Max is a professor at la Link Campus-University of Malta di Roma. He has a blog on his crossmedia work: proiettiliperscrittori, the italian # 1 blog on crossmedia. Max has also used a lot of the work of Christy Dena, our bright australian crossmedia researcher: