Thursday, April 05, 2007


Finally I have some time to report on CMID07. First of all, what a wonderfull thing Charlotte did by organising this event in the lovely Hemavan Zweden. We had a very diverse bunge of people coming from all over the world and from all different disciplines.

Christy Dena made a clear start with addressing the subject of what crossmedia is. She envisioned the powers that influence the field and that are all to be counted for when developing crossmedia material. Content or the story off course, marketing, business modelling, technology and the audience. With a lively presentation on do's and dont's the head was off. We saw a couple of really nice projects, urls you can find at the bottom of this post. Liam Bannon came in the second day. As an interaction design specialist Liam posed the question what is the relation between crossmedia and interaction design? How are we to frame the field in order to
investigate and research its subjects? His general conclusion was that there were many different angles to the subject as was already visible through the wide variety of participants in this conference and a lot needs to be thought over to come to a good framing of fields. To me it is clear that there are a lot of questions to be investigated and researched. Framing the field scientifically is therefore highly important. Major issue within the framework of forcefields sketched by Christy Dena is the balance of power between audiences and "senders". Where the profound change is that audiences become senders as well, changing the classical balance of the value chain completely. Unnecessary to say that this has a large impact on our lives and therefore also needs close attention from academics and researchers.

Some interesting projects presented: (norways collective memory)


Christy said...

Hello Monique,

Thankyou for the kind words and also for your criticism...though I must say I am confused by you saying such things when I spoke to you at leangth about how my model is producer-focused and how I'm changing the framework to include multiple points-of-view. So, I just wanted to put my point-of-view on your comments here too!

Faye Martel said...

Hi Monique -- I'd just like to thank you for this wonderful weblog and to let you know that your work and Christy Dena's are such an inspiration to me. I'm currently doing my Masters thesis on cross-media communication and your weblog is such a big help to me. In fact, I even started my own weblog on my thoughts on cross-media just to get my thesis started. Would it be okay to correspond with you for additional information on cross media as it is a fairly new thing here in Manila? My weblog is Thanks.

Peter said...

Thanks Monique to have had the oppurtunity to meet with Christy last week in Amsterdam!

Monique de Haas said...

@ christy...
I did not mean to criticise your model, not at all. You DO include the audience and there roles in there. My comment would be to all the other views that do NOT include the role of the public in a crossmedia model.. Sorry that you interpreted it this way.. some jitter here ;-)