Monday, April 30, 2007

Sagasnet; developing interactive narrative content

Today we will be working on how to pitch your idea (Sibylle Kurz and Frank Boyd)
Then Lee Sheldon is going to talk about the emotional divide in movies and games.

Hunting for funds.. (Inga von Staden).
Understanding your user - personas as digital tools.(Frank Boyd)
Where the mass meets (Inga von Staden)
New virtual state of world of warcraft (Teut Weideman)
Creating tools for conviviality future challenge ( florian schmidt)
Second life rocks, second life sucks ( michael rueger)

Next day:
Raimo Lang (One of my favorite coaches!!) on interactive narratives and communities ..
designing content & context
IPTV ( Ingo Wolff)
Digital rooms with VVV (max wolf & Sebastian Oschatz)
The illusion of life - revisited (Ken Perlin... I am curious to see Ken again..)
The machinima circus ( Friedrich Kirschner & Klaus Neumann)
How television viewing is changing (peter olaf looms)

Word into action adapting other media ( Lee Sheldon)
We all want emotions in games (Gilles Montseil, Ubisoft)
Intermediary bodies and virtual worlds ( philippe Queau, Unesco)

Starting in a minute, keep you posted


SonjaK said...

Oh, you attended Sagas workshop! I envy you :) I have attended once and it was the best workshop experience I have had so far. Interactive narrative theme sounds really interesting. Any other comments you would like to share us? Any good innovation or team building games/methods? ;) All the best!