Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Mobisodes: mobile '24' by Vodafone

Interesting new format by Vodafone mentioned in the weblog of Christy Dena; 24 one minute movie episodes for your 3 G mobile phone. Not really crossmedia, although I am thinking right away to adopt this in a crossmedia format. The mobisodes are inspired by the '24' series. And I must say '24' has inspired me too, that is their format of split screens for simultaneous events at the same time. I find it very usefull in the crossmedia whodunits that I am developing at intervals at the moment. '24' is revolutionairy as it is the first TV series of 24 actual hours. In my opinion it also shows some of the evolving syntax of crossmedia communication. To make a series of 24 chronological hours and still keep a consistent and intens story with good tension building in every hour is a challenge indeed. But you wouldn't want your normal everyday to look like a 24 Bauers' day now would you?