Monday, December 13, 2004

Podcasting to Transform Media Consumption?

With the use of RSS feeds and MP3 technology AND podcasting it is possible to deliver radio on your phone WITHOUT technological difficulty. AND interesting is you can also deliver video via MP3. What a way to start your own mobisodes..(article before) I will have to look into this further. Looks very interesting and in line with "open content" movement of crossmedia communication mentioned earlier. But, how to make money as a content producer? Heineken has embraced the technology and with a elaborate album of music events is looking into the possibilities. Kim Dingler, communication manager at Heineken really understands how to make crossmedia communication. Here is a very bright lady at work. She started up Sixpack, a niche program on the Dutch broadcast channel SBS 6 aired in the cheap late hours (probably for free as a courtesy to a good advertiser); Six Pack is young skewed and attracting a lot of spin with their activities, like "stalking" George Clooney and being the first to have a short interview with him and Brad Pitt on the set of Ocean Twelve in Amsterdam (though I dear to ask if Heineken is going to be an influential advertiser in and around the film ;-). Six Pack is ready to go further as a niche channel or anywhere in the digital environment. Long ago Heineken has already stept into music events and is now getting to pick up the sweeter fruits of that decision. Heineken can, as an advertiser, explore new ways of making contact with their audiences, that will be cost-effective in the long run and has relevant return on investments for Heineken as a global company with some very large brands in portfolio. That is the role of Heineken as an advertiser, with a brand 'story' to be played out in several channels. But here is another role; that of Heineken as a publisher of a library of live music events. They can give away the music content as a service to their audience, gaining much sympathy. Or they may investigate selling the content directly? It is an interesting question when you look at the value chain of crossmedia communication. An advertiser becoming a publisher? It has been mentioned before but it did not work this way before. But if publishing is for everybody (open content) why not for the advertiser? To own interesting content and give it away to loyal customers would be a relevant model? Adrants: Podcasting to Transform Media Consumption