Wednesday, September 14, 2005

20lives and Blackbeard crossmedia game

The dutch company zground developed a crossmedia game that reminds of the nokia game that is also about to start Nokia's 20 lives.
The blackbeard connection will use mobile and the internet as well as spits a free newspaper for travellers. Costs to develop the game are estimated at 700.000 Euro (which I personally find quit a sum) Players will spend 49,50 Euro as a maximum and they need 25.000 players to get the cost out. The development of the game was initiated by Zground which found sponsor onto it. As nokia's game offcourse is very much an initiative of the sponsor themselves. Did like the autocue joke on 20lives as a former autocue operator ;-)


VicKuP said...

Blackbeard is going to be a hype for sure. Nice clean gameplay and a huge price!