Monday, September 12, 2005

Endemol to Amsterdam stock exchange

Endemol will go to the Amsterdam stock exchange before the end of this year according to the words of César Alierta, head of Telefónica.
Endemol is in the sales window at Telefónica for quite a while now. This looks like the pressure is hightened for current negotiations with buyers or there may not be an attractive enough buyer for the format and television production company at this moment. Telefónica at the beginning of this year announced it was looking for a buyer (not going to the stock exhange but a sale of the whole company) Telefónica five years ago bought Endemol for 5,5 Billion Euro's. It is not expected they will get this amount from the market. By the end of this year though the media market is looking much better and therefore timing will be right for Telefónica to sell the company. Shareholder value will be driving the company then, even more then now (some initiatives may be not so attractive in revenue but of strategeic importance to Telefónica).. It is a question if this will be a good driver for a creative company?


Anonymous said...

Right On! And you won't get rich watching TV! It just makes sense to treat stuff like this like a real business. But hardly anyone does - mostly hobbiest involved.

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