Thursday, September 08, 2005

Looking at the neighbours..Big Brother

As it happens to be, my house and office are located only meters from the Big Brother house in Aalsmeer. Big Brother off course is the excellent example of a crossmedia project (as I have stated many times before) The first BB ever, I did see on a regular bases as did almost every Dutch at the time (1999). After that the genre quickly lost my interest and today I am not a big fan of the genre personally, professionally off course I am very much an admirer. The fun thing is ..What I started doing every now and then is take a peak at the neighbours through the live stream (good quality by the way!!) I still don’t feel bonded, because I have not invested time in looking at the series and getting to know the inhabitants of the house. I did visit the house only 1 day before it would be visible on the net and the people got in, resulting in a very nervous guard asking how the …. We’ve got into the house...:-) (Which is by means of an employers’ pass because my partner regularly works there, in fact also at the Big Brother program.)
This proximity makes me curious to mirror what is happening only a few meters away, every now and then during work. All they do is lay in the sun.. Would I also do this if I would not be situated so near?
I have considered making a streaming blog with webcams called “In the mean time outside the BB house”.. And letting my neighbours comment on it all ;-) Because it is so easy and right outside my door. Would only cause just a little problem with IPR..


Anonymous said...

Hi, heute hast du mir mit deinem blog die langweile vertrieben. Nach stunden des gelangweielten surfens bin ich hier gelandet. Absolut interessantes Thema.
Ich denk hier werde ich öfter vorbei schauen !

Ich habe eine Seite über Untersttzung. Hier findest du alles über Untersttzung und noch viel mehr !

Wenn du Zeit hast, schau doch mal vorbei ! :-)

indira said...

Monique, we zijn vergeten een kijkje te nemen bij de buren :-)

Ik vond het een super leuke middag. Dank voor de inspiratie die je me bewust of onbewust hebt meegegeven. See you soon!


Christy said...

That is a very funny idea Monique! I like the idea of a streaming webcam on the BB house wall, or even on your own backyard. It would be great if the BB housemates could comment on your streaming video too! What is happening in Monique's house now? Very funny. :)

Monique de Haas said...

@ Christy..Well contestants are sunbathing and one of them is pregnant. She off course is in the house for generating media arousal. Ratings are good.. Good remark you made on contestants reacting on what happens outside.. What would happen in my house is not so very interesting though (I'm afraid);-)