Wednesday, September 07, 2005

media policy explosive political material

Medy van der Laan who has announced a radical change of policy for the Public Broadcasters is overwhelmed by the comments to her policy. Next week the 'house of commons" would debate the plans. But because of the large amount of protests the debate is postponed. Some journalists even wonder if the plans will be evaluated during this government period. This may also be wishfull thinking of them. Most surprising I found that the the WRR (Scientific council to the Dutch Government) who has issued a study on the changing media landscape upon which Van der Laan claims to base her new policy is OPPOSED to the plans! they claim they never ment the report to be a base for new media policy. I just feel a lot of lobbying pressure here. It is the task of the WRR to generate bases for new policy for the government. how can they not mean it to be used like that then. Medy van der Laan has landed in heavy weather. But I support her plans on the changes. Not all of it, but I hope she perseveres, because changes are already set in and the Public Broadcasters need to realise they are not living in an isolated world. Definitely not now that the internet is going to be the bases for television activities. As we all know the internet has no borders!