Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Van Massamerk naar Mensmerk - Merken in een Veranderende Mediacontext

Yesterday I met Erwin van Lun, a very friendly and enthusiastic man. My attention was immediately triggered by his book called "From massbranding to personal brands". When I started reading parts I got even more enthusiastic. Erwin has an origin as an artificial intelligence expert, after that he has studied and worked in the world of brands. It gives him this rare and very valuable view on the changing media context. He based his book on a lot of interviews with experts from the field (in fact the book is his thesis for obtaining a master in brand management at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam) Erwin also has the ability to write in a very understandable and a nice-to-read way about his findings. The book is in Dutch (sorry english readers) hopefully Erwin will translate it later on. Because it is a must read for anybody working on crossmedia communication. You can find information on Erwin and his book on his blog..


Erwin said...

Hi Monique,

This is Erwin. At first, thanks for the compliments :-)

I will translate the summary of the book next week and keep you posted. OK?


dallsop said...

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Come and check it out if you get time :-)

Erwin said...

Now the complete weblog is translated continously!
Here it is:


Erwin van Lun