Thursday, September 15, 2005

De Mol's vision on Dutch journalism

In this interview de Mol gives his vision on the journalistic landscape in the Netherlands. With Talpa he has become a player on the formation of public opinion in the Netherlands as is any broadcaster. The interview is in Dutch, I will translate a few remarks: Traditional newspapers are not going to survive. Talpa will consider partnering with a newspaper, but not owning one because it is not in the experience of De Mol to direct a newspaper. He wants to be able to direct all his content!...And he dislikes being compared to Berlusconi. (But being able to direct all of your content is not really a democratic attitude, now is it!!). If he will cooperate with a newspaper means he will bring in his expertise in making television. On the long term.. De Mol does not have a 20 yrs plan but is convinced convergence of media is inevitable (I agree) He again tells he wants to develop the ideal convergence model and has the right team to do this (If he says so ;-)He tells us he will judge people when he sees them; what is their attitude, do they fit the team.. Saillant to tell, that a couple of months ago I too visited Talpa and very briefly met him, so he probably judged and found I did not fit the team (I agree). For me (an excellent working) crossmedia aspect of projects is most important to achieve. A different approach all together, because Talpa is not designing new crossmedia projects, the team is just copying some international formats and adjusting them to the local market.